About Reading List

Reading List is a free iPhone and iPad app, which exists to track your personal reading. It provides a place to record a list of books you want to read, alongside a journal of the books you are reading or have finished. You can also add a star rating and personal notes to each book, as well as curate your own custom lists.

Reading List has a clear and simple design, with a deliberately concise set of features, which makes performing common actions quick and easy. Adding new books is effortless, by scanning a physical barcode or searching online. Logging the start or completion of a book can be performed with a single swipe – much like marking an email as Read. It is a deliberate decision that the app doesn’t have a social network component or give book recommendations: it aims to be solely a reading journal app, and aims to do it well.

I had the idea for this app in late 2015 after I became frustrated with similar book-tracking apps, such as Goodreads. When I couldn’t find an alternative app which I really liked, I took the opportunity to learn about programming on Apple platforms (I program on Microsoft platforms for my day job) in the programming language Swift. Reading List was first released on the App Store in July 2017.

For the latest development updates, or to get in contact about Reading List, follow @ReadingListApp on Twitter.