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About Reading List

Reading List is a lightweight yet powerful reading tracker and planner, available for iOS, iPadOS and macOS.

Reading List is designed to make it incredibly easy to plan what to read, to track your reading progress, and to record information about the books you have read. Books can be easily added via barcode scan or online search, and all metadata is configurable. Users can add their own notes and ratings, and use the powerful organisation functions to create their own lists of books.

Reading List is designed to be a clear and accessible personal book log; it follows the iOS human interface guidelines to bring a design which is intuitive and beautiful. The app is fully functional when offline; when online data synchronises seamlessly between multiple devices via iCloud. With iOS 16, users can place their books on their lockscreen for even faster access.

Reading List was first released in 2017 and has been growing its passionate userbase ever since.

App Details

Apple App ID: 1217139955
Twitter: @ReadingListApp

Developer Details

Name: Andrew Bennet
Twitter: @AndrewBennet


  • Lookup books by scanning their barcode
  • Find books by searching online
  • Full manual metadata control
  • Record start and finish dates each time you read a book
  • Log multiple reads of any book
  • Dates can be logged with month or year precision
  • Plan what to read next by ordering your To Read books
  • View statistics about your reading progress
  • Create custom lists of books
  • Record current page number and see progress visually
  • Add rating and notes to your books
  • Export / import your data to / from CSV for full control
  • Nightly iCloud backup to keep your data safe
  • Realtime iCloud sync across different devices
  • Convenient swipe actions and shortcuts, for fast management of your books
  • Supports widgets, to show your books on your homescreen and lockscreen

Loved by Users

Reading List has been exceptionally well received by its users. It is the highest-rated reading tracking app in the App Store, with a 4.8 rating from over 34,000 ratings and reviews.


Reading List is free to download. Some advanced features are available only after subscribing to Reading List Pro.


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